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It keeps you on your toes. You sound like my mother. I think Panacea really likes it when we visit him.

I think that Toki Pona is good. It made Rogue's family really happy. Today, Christianity celebrates the first Advent. It's not like her not to call. Jim went back to London for the purpose of seeing her.

You always tell it straight...but who needs your truth? It's nice to be home. Didn't I tell you? Laurent begged me to go with her. Here's to the future. Tao followed her friend to the hotel because she didn't know the area well. You lie like a rug.

They felt their candidate would win in 1860. The man is chasing the woman. It's a shame that you're not coming. You don't believe him, do you? We don't need it anymore.

They importune their parents for money.

He shished, mished, farted, got out.

A car has a steering wheel. How did you stop it? This turkey tastes good. It's just not safe to cross this bridge right now. Looks like the weather's gotten worse, eh?

I expect that Randall will eat before he comes. We all learned the poem by heart. You know what you should do, don't you? I'm going to come back for you. Two opinions are better than one. This bread is really delicious. Where did you buy it? He was beside himself with excitement. I've seen other people do it. I don't know what to think of this.

How much more wine should I buy? We panicked a little bit. They may surprise you. Sandip met Manolis while on holiday in Germany. Gary got on the wrong train. Leave her. We saw the sea reflected in the mirror of the restaurant. Is it the case that you have done it?

He works at a bank. I have to peel a whole bucket of apples for a jam. You're going to get better. When I was a little child, I wasn't frightened of anything. You are unbelievably dishonest.

Promise me you won't go. Varda was really glad to see that Franklin was happy. Dan didn't even want to train Linda. What can Rolfe say? I don't want to hurt him. The music stopped abruptly. I take it you haven't heard from Donn.

Be prompt to do what is asked. It's my brother's. Jared and I are both Canadians. This Sunday, there's a festival at the Hakusan shrine. How about going together in our yukatas? I like swimming. Prices are about to go up again. What happens if Stu loses? I believed in myself. What's the reason for this? You've got wrinkles.

Please use British English in your text. He's spreading false rumors. You got what you wanted, didn't you? I never worked with Herbert. He's carrying an umbrella because it's raining. We're very satisfied with it. Leung is as blind as a bat. I think I would've heard the door open if Al had come in. They completely forgot the meeting.

I'd like to thank you. He's a pescetarian. We just want our share. What prompted you to move out? Whose camera is this? You were manipulating them. Now that my only colleague has retired, I'm flying solo.

God knows what we'll do next. I want to know what this is all about. I'm here with her. As is often said, it is difficult to adjust yourself to a new environment. Who am I supposed to help? This is as heavy as lead.

Today I'm shopping in town as well as running an errand for my grandmother. Pete, assure me there's going to be no trouble. The method is wicked. How often do the buses run in an hour? I'd like to get together as soon as possible. I was absent from the party. Free entry. I've never been hungrier in my life! Wash with hot, sudsy water. The doctor sent the live patient to the morgue.